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Saturday, 16 June 2007

In the movie The Pursuit of Happyness, Christopher Gardner continues to ask his son, "Do you trust me?" At the time, Gardner was trying to do whatever it took to provide and take care of his son. Even though they were homeless, Gardner made sure that his son was safe. This meant that at times they would sleep in places that were safe such as a bus, subway car, a homeless shelter or a subway bathroom. The trust that his son gave him was important, because it was all they had.

The Psalmist writes in Psalm 54:4 that the Lord was who was upholding his life. While this is wonderful sentiment, anyone who has tried, knows how difficult it is to accomplish. Yet, there is a power when you are finally able to honestly say, "My life is in your hands." There is a power when you can say "Yes, I trust you" even if you don't understand why you are in the situation or circumstances you are.

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Jesus told his disciples that they would have to receive the kingdom of God like children to enter into it (Mark 10:15 ). That is a powerful symbol and it causes me to think about the movie when Gardner's son said that he trusted his father. Some how kids have this amazing ability to trust.

It is this same radical trust that I must have if I am ever going to enter into the kingdom of God. I must trust God no matter what circumstances I find myself in, or what God might call me to. I must simply trust even if that trust is all I have.

Yet, I find that there are many things that I trust other than God. I trust my travels to Visa and my future to my 401K. I'm told that if I am going to have a 'good' retirement, I must work stockpiling loads of cash so that when I retire I will have enough to live on.

While I understand that planning is good and prudent, where is trust of God? Where is the attitude that no matter where I find myself, I know that God is there and I can trust God? Where is the trust of God in the church? We trust our demographics and our plans. We trust what has worked in the past and even what is working at other churches. We even trust the marketing agencies who give us the solution to our church problems. Where does God fit into this? Could it be that we have lost the power to radically trust God? Could it be that we no longer need to seek God and the kingdom because we have so many other options?

What would radical trust look like in our churches and our lives? 


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